At The Parasol Companies we also understand how important your skin’s appearance is to your self-confidence. That is why you can trust that our providers are up to date on all manners of cosmetic treatments and therapies. These range from chemical peels and botox injections, to more cutting edge therapies like Photofacial Laser treatment.

No matter what your skin, hair, and nail care needs are, The Parasol Companies has you covered.

Anti-Aging Menu

  • Botulinum Toxins: Xeomin, Dysport, Botox
  • Fillers: Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse
  • Removal of Liver Spots/Age Spots/ Sun Spots
  • Skin Tag Removal
  • Treatment of Dermatologic Disorders like acne, rosacea, & melasma
  • Skin care needs evaluation & matching w Parasol
  • Dermaceuticals Signature Anti-Aging Line

Dermatology Services

We do not accept insurance. However, our pricing fees are competitive compared to co-pays at Dermatology clinics and less than Urgent Care or ER visits for your needs. We also have membership plans for those without insurance, high-copays, or who merely desire more focused care and need to be seen several times a year for withstanding dermatology issues.

Services Monthly Price
1-Concern Office Visit $89.99
2-Concern Office Visit $99.99
Full-Body Skin Check $135
Biopsy (sent for pathology) $239.00
Skin Tag Removal (up to 15) $199
Benign Shave Mole Removal $199
Age/Dark Spot Removal (up to 15) $199

Other procedures, services, and membership, please inquire with your provider.

Aesthetics: Prices vary by product and amount used. Please consult with your provider.

*Surgeries for excisions or Moh’s will be referred to Dermatologic Surgeon Speciaists in Las Vegas.*

Dermatology Concierge Plans Monthly Price
Basic Plan

  • Annual Full Body
  • 4 Office Visits
  • Unlimited Virtual Text Questions
  • 2 Virtual Visits
Comprehensive Plan

  • Annual Full Body
  • 6 Office Visits
  • Unlimited Virtual Text Questions
  • 4 Virtual Visits
  • 10% Aesthetics Discount
  • 10% Skincare Discount