Erika NP accepts Dermatology, Anti-Aging/Wellness (Weight-Loss, Hormone Balancing, Sexual Dysfunction and B12 patients) via Telehealth.

Treatments such as; Aesthetics (Botox [Jeuveau, Dysport, Xeomin], Fillers [Juvederm, Restylane, Versa, Radiesse], PDO Threads) and Anti-Aging/Wellness treatments are also available mobile, in office, and through Pop-Up Clinics as directed below.

Appointments can be made by texting the following prompts to (702) 560-6776 for a return call scheduling.

“Dermatology Visit”
“Weight-Loss Visit”
“Hormone Balancing Visit”
“Male Sexual Wellness Visit”
“B12 Visit”

After appointments are secured, you will receive a confirmation email with online paperwork and reminders. The day of your visit, you will receive a secure telehealth link to video conference your provider via mobile device or computer. During your telehealth appointment, you will discuss symptoms, concerns, medical history, diagnosis, OTC supplement recommendations and prescription treatments. If necessary, all prescription medications will be e-scribed to a pharmacy (with shipping available via our preferred pharmacy) and blood laboratory orders provided to you. Parasol Wellness provides affordable, easy, and convenient medical services to you, without you ever leaving your home!